Unite all of your processes, functions and data under the one
unified system to drive greater accuracy, efficiency and visibility.

With SureWorx’s CRM module, you’ll be able to better nurture customer relationships by aggregating fragmented customer data and historical insights.


Our intuitive, easy-to-use platform can unite each of your departments and employees within the one system, using automated workflows to streamline results and increase efficiency. Accurate real-time reports improve forecasting and provide visibility across every available opportunity.

Benefits that build potential

Unite all clients under the one project using a robust feature designed in consultation with the EPCC industry.
Avoid relying on separate systems. Instead run reports and track key project and client information from the one platform.
Create and tap into on-demand reports, including standard reports visualised via digestible graphs and tables.
Set up email and form-based workflows based on new client, go/no-go, new project and job close-out tags.
Derive real-time insights and project intelligence that has the power to enhance bid response and identify new opportunities.

Ease of use

Make changes, create reports and search records without external assistance.

Multi-party access

Grant controlled simultaneous access to numerous parties as you need.

Total security

Decide who sees what and protect your data with secure role-based access.

Effective visibility

Oversee process flows from opportunity all the way through to project close out.

3rd party integration

Enjoy standardised interfacing with other ERP and document management systems.

Automatic forms

Create custom forms and workflows to suit the needs of your business.

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