Procurement & Tendering

Streamline sourcing workflows and optimise supplier selection with Sureworx’s procurement and tendering module. Simplify the complexities of sourcing materials and services using customisable RFx templates, automated bid comparisons, and centralised document management. Track savings, cycle times, and supplier performance with real-time dashboards for data-driven decision-making.

Benefits that maximise value and efficiency

Standardised RFx processes

Ensure consistency and compliance with customisable templates for RFIs, RFPs and RFQs.

Automated bid analysis

Configure weighted criteria to objectively compare supplier bids and optimise value.

Centralised document control

Securely store all tendering documents, communications and submissions in one repository.

Transparent approval workflows

Clearly define approval hierarchies with role-based visibility and digital sign-offs.

Real-time performance dashboards

Track savings, cycle times and supplier KPIs for continuous improvement.



Create, issue and compare RFIs, RFQs and RFPs with customisable templates and workflows.


Configure weighted criteria across price, quality, risk and more to objectively evaluate bids.


Securely store all tendering documents, vendor communication and submissions with version control.


Set up approval hierarchies with notifications, digital sign-offs and audit trails.


Visualise real-time data on savings, cycle times, compliance and supplier KPIs.

Part of SureWorx’s end-to-end infrastructure intelligence platform

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