Choose from a range of modules to build greater safety and
performance into your infrastructure company.

SureWorx has a complete field intelligence solution for everyone—from site managers to project managers—empowering you with a valuable overview of what’s happening and where intervention is needed.

Our broad range of modules and connected workflows create a seamless infrastructure ecosystem that’s as high-performing and safe as possible. It’s what makes SureWorx the perfect end-to-end solution for large-scale infrastructure services management.

Health and safety

Streamline arduous manual processes, meet legal requirements, improve risk understanding, and have visibility of incidents as they happen.

Quality management

Maintain the excellence of your projects through standardised quality controls and early issue detection, ensuring best possible outcomes.


Reduce the administrative burden of on-boarding, inducting, verifying and managing your subcontractors.


Ensure absolute safety across your workforce and equipment with one powerful platform designed to guarantee secure operations.

field operations

Tap into the power of digital on-the-go input and real-time productivity analysis with an intuitive web and mobile application to maximise productivity and fieldwork efficiency.


Harness a platform specifically designed to meet the needs of EPCC general contractors to centralise contract data, live prospects and project insights.

Build a tailored field intelligence
system for your organisation

SureWorx’s field intelligence platform doesn’t overcomplicate your experience with unnecessary elements. Instead, you build your own unique solution using only the modules that fit your requirements. This ensures SureWorx is as flexible and affordable as possible.

Build your custom solutions in three steps.


Decide what you’d like to track


Add the field intelligence you need


Determine who has access

Ready to build your
own powerful insights?

If you’re ready to build a safer and more efficient
future for your infrastructure company,
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