About us

Meet the team using insights to make companies more
compliant, efficient and profitable.

Our story

The SureWorx team presents a unique blend of over two decades spent mastering IT and software across a variety of industry verticals. With a deep knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the construction industry, ranging from high-end civil construction to specialised infrastructure projects, we have the know-how to know what you need.

Our ability to produce unrivalled actionable insights via an end-to-end field intelligence platform is what fuels our passion and empowers our clients with invaluable digital transformation.

What drives us

SureWorx was born from the desire to know more. In the pursuit of full end-to-end visibility and control, we sought to create a solution that would empower businesses with the ability to make the right decisions on projects with countless moving parts. Something that managed more than just daily inductions, or a once-a-month site visit.


It meant spending years creating an intuitive platform that would connect all the parts of your field operations, not a just a few. And from that pursuit, SureWorx was born—a platform that gives you the insight to build better, safer and more efficiently than ever before.


Australian born,
innovation led

Born in Melbourne, Australia, the innovation led SureWorx team is driven by passion for humanising digital transformation, empowering your onsite and back-office staff with valuable insights and delivering tangible business outcomes.

For the industry,
from the industry

We work within the industry and that has given us unique insights into the needs on the ground, management of risks and challenges at practice manager level and real-time visibility expectations at the business executive level.

Proven on-boarding,
partnering adoption

Our proven implementation methodology will guide on-boarding at each step of the way while still remaining flexible to your unique internal needs. A standardised yet curated adoption process will ensure considered uptake.

24x7 support,
dedicated delivery lead

Responsive round the clock support gives you assurance that help is on hand when you need it. A dedicated delivery lead option provides you with a single point of accountability across our end-to-end engagement.