SureWorx field
intelligence platform

One powerful real-time platform with countless
real-world, company-wide benefits.

SureWorx’s platform is a centralised hub of intuitive insights and features designed to improve productivity. Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), it empowers infrastructure companies with full safety and compliance, as well as more time and resources to reinvest in achieving greater efficiency.

Benefits that build success

SureWorx is more than just a place to consolidate your data and run reports.
Use AI to read data, identify potential issues and change worker behaviour.
Our powerful ‘drag and drop’ workflow enables you to make changes in minutes.
Save time and resources by automating arduous and archaic manual processes.
Proceed with full compliance and confidence with every project and at every site.
Rich functionality to maximise safety and performance

Universally accessible

Available (and identical) across any Apple, Android and Windows device.


Remote or unconnected users can capture data and sync when back online.

Incredibly intuitive

Designed with ease of use in mind through intuitive design to improve adoption.

Custom dashboards

Up-to-date dashboards can be customised to each user individually.

Custom reports

Create and save reports that interrogate any data field within the platform.

Easily integrated

Seamlessly communicate with third-party systems and applications.

Role-based access

Set unique attributes and permissions to anyone tagged with a specific user role.

Highly secure

Hosted on Amazon Web Services and built to ISO 27001 and SOC1 standards.

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own powerful insights?

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