Form & Workflow Builder

Simplify data capture and standardise processes by digitising forms and automating workflows with Sureworx’s user-friendly, no-code Form Builder. Drag-and-drop to create custom fields, logic, and offline functionality, then visually map out routing, assign stakeholders, enforce conditions, and automatically execute next steps with the integrated Workflow Builder.

Benefits that Maximise asset Utilisation

Go paperless quickly

Rapidly digitize current processes and legacy documents with visual editors.

Tailored to your operations

Codify unique forms, checks and processes specific to your business.

Multi-format flexibility

Support online, offline and mixed modes of data collection.

Automated routing

Workflows route tasks, notify stakeholders and advance based on configured rules.

Complete transparency

Track versions, audit status changes and archive forms centrally.



Easily place fields, logic and calculations

Rich data Capability

Option for signatures, photos, location and time capture

Available Anywhere

Offline mode for disconnected environments

Document Management

Version control and archiving


Visual process mapping for routing and approvals

Project Tracking

Task assignment with notifications and escalations

Advanced Logic

Conditional logic and field update rules


Integration with other modules (e.g. Document Management)

Part of SureWorx’s end-to-end infrastructure intelligence platform

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