Sub-contractor Management

Streamline subcontractor coordination across sites and projects with SureWorx’s comprehensive management tools. Verify certifications, monitor deliverables, and analyse service quality across your vendor ecosystem from a single platform. Consolidate documentation, receive automated notifications for expiring credentials, and access customisable dashboards to surface key metrics and issues, strengthening vendor partnerships through centralised coordination.

Benefits that build strategic partnerships

Comprehensive documentation

Consolidate all subcontractor licenses, permits, safety records and more into unified profiles.

Automated compliance assurance

Receive alerts when vendor documentation like certifications requires renewal.

Data-driven vendor evaluations

Analyse quality, safety, productivity and financial metrics to assess subcontractor fit.

Cross-project visibility

Review subcontractor commitments, issues and accomplishments across your full portfolio.

Centralised collaboration hub

Message individuals or groups with updates, files and forms from one location.



Create, update and archive subcontractor profiles, compliance documentation and performance ratings.


Automated notifications for expiring licenses, permits, training and more to ensure vendors remain qualified.


Configure weighted scorecards from quality, safety, productivity and financial data to evaluate vendors.


Assign roles, monitor performance and manage issues across all subcontractor engagements.


Message individuals or groups with files, forms and updates through a centralized hub.

Part of SureWorx’s end-to-end infrastructure intelligence platform

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