Quality management

Ensure best possible outcomes through standardised
quality controls and early issue detection.

SureWorx allows you to maintain the excellence of your projects from conception to completion. Our accessible-anywhere software automates the quality assurance process, helping you avoid costly defects in materials and workmanship.


Establish a consistently high standard with regular inspections that address non-conformance and reduce unnecessary rework. Then, effortlessly capture, share and report data from the field to your office in real time.

Benefits that build excellence

Standardise quality controls across your projects with automated worksheets.
Be empowered with 100% confidence that a project is compliant.
Ensure the utmost quality with comprehensive examinations and test plans.
Make sure everything is done right the first time, negating the need for revisions.
Set a consistent standard of quality across multiple projects.
Create, distribute and review punch lists within the platform.


Upload your Inspection Test Plans once and access them online, anytime.


Map your Inspection Test Checklists to your Inspection Test Plans.


Maintain plans and checklists in a standardised single central repository.

Role-based access

Ensure users only see their authorised projects, plans and checklists.

Digitised equipment lists

Map those lists to your providers and projects, and update them online as required.

Powerful workflows

Consider various testing scenarios using configurable workflows.

Nominated approvers

Decide who—internally and externally—has the power of approval.

Data-rich dashboards

Using an easy single point of reference, see the status of each ITP and ITC.

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