Reduce the administrative burden
of managing your various subcontractors.

SureWorx puts an end to countless hours wasted on laborious manual onboarding and induction processes. Instead, free up your internal resources with a straightforward, web-based interface that automates the process while giving you real-time access to contractor status, documents, assessments and historic archives. Plus, SureWorx can provide end-to-end subcontractor OHS/WHS prequalification, approving workers to upload their own documentation.

Benefits that build convenience

Let our intuitive platform remove your administrative burden.
Ensure your subcontractor records stay organised and compliant.
Know at a glance who has and hasn’t completed their inductions.
Reinvest your resources into more profitable tasks and functions.
Allow our platform to reliably prequalify your subcontractors for you.


Including global, project and site-specific inductions.

Digital pre-qualification checklists

Our detailed checklists will confirm nothing gets missed.


Empower the subcontractor to keep their own records updated.

QR code-based

Track site access and broadcast emergencies via SMS.

Real-time overviews

Access an online view of induction currency and assessment data.

Automatic invitations

Notify subcontractors of outstanding inductions and track their progress.

Ensure capability

Utilise online assessments to test worker knowledge and capabilities.

Universal access

Access our robust platform from anywhere on your laptop, mobile or tablet.

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